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CloudVault Health - What we do

CloudVault Health – What we do

Healthcare provider organizations and companies that do business in the healthcare industry undoubtedly have strong network security. CloudVault Health isn’t about network security. We focus on protecting the sensitive data itself—the HIPAA regulated PHI for which everyone engaged in healthcare is accountable.

What we do & how we do it—in less than three minutes

Why our solution is important to you

Private Health Information (PHI) is at the core of HIPAA-regulations. If you’re a healthcare provider, provider organization, or do business with provider organizations, you are part of the chain of trust accountable for protecting PHI. The cost of exposing PHI or not complying with PHI-related regulations is millions of dollars. The lasting damage to a company’s brand is much more.

We protect the data

You have network security, but do you know exactly where the PHI is, who has it, who’s duplicating it and why? CVH finds the sensitive data, classifies and protects it, and ultimately enables your organization to manage access to it—a simple, seamless technology that protects the sensitive data and your organization in the process. We help providers care for patient information as effectively as they care for patient health.

Automated Ransomware Remediation

Phishing and ransomware are serious problems that can steal data or disable access to your organization’s network. Both ransomware and phishing are increasingly common and are having devastating impacts on businesses of all sizes. To address this growing risk, CloudVaultHealth automatically transfers a copy of your most important documents to its secure, fully-encrypted off-site servers. In the event that your business is attacked, your documents can be restored back to their original location. This minimizes both the disruption to your organization, potential fines, and the possibility of paying a high ransom for your data.


Ask yourself this . . . before someone asks you

If you’re a healthcare provider, provider organization, or do business with a provider organization, you are accountable for protecting PHI. Do you know exactly where your PHI is, who has it, who’s duplicating it and why? CVH technology can find your PHI-related data, classify and protect it, and ultimately enable your organization to manage access to it—all through a simple, seamless process. So, if you’re asked, you’ll have the confidence of knowing the answer. You’ll be in control of the PHI for which your organization is accountable.

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